Monday, February 28, 2011

February - This Month in Reading

Hard to believe it is almost March 2011! Last month my goals for Feb. were: to read more than 10 books, stay caught up with the War and Peace chapters, and read at least one of my TBR Pile challenge books. I am happy to say I met the goals. I read 11 books, of which 2 were for the TBR Pile challenge, and I am completely caught up for the W&P challenge (Chapter 11 of Book 3 is on deck for tomorrow!). I also managed to complete Level 2 for the Buck Stops Here Challenge. On the down side, I didn't manage to add to the Forgotten Treasures Challenge, Hogwarts Reading Challenge, or the Read Outside Your Comfort Zone Challenge (ROYCZC).

For March, I have banned myself from the library. I have been bringing home too many books from the Library Sale shelves and so I am not going to go there at all, in order to resist temptation and to read what I already have. I also decided that all books I read in March must come from these Library Sale books, with the exception of Harry Potter books, which I can read for the Hogwarts Challenge (which ends in a few months). I know at least two of these books fit in with my ROYCZC genres/book types so I should be able to get started with that as well. 

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