Thursday, February 28, 2013

February - This Month in Reading

February 2013 had to be one of my worst months for reading yet. I only managed two books, and neither was for a challenge. If there is anyone actually reading this, you may have noticed that although this entry is dated February 28, I didn't actually publish it until April. To tell you the truth, my reading went so far off the rails at the end of February that I haven't read a single book (although I started more than one) since Middlesex. I think I'm somewhat back on track now so keep your fingers crossed for me! I can honestly say that I never thought I'd have so many of the same books taking up space on my shelves a year and half after the Borders closing sale spree, since I read relatively quickly when I do read - I just haven't read in the volume I expected this past year. Lately I haven't felt motivated in any aspect of my life, for some reason I can't pin down. I'm hoping that maybe the change of season will shake things up in a good way.

Virtual kicks in the pants welcomed, so if you have any tips for breaking out of a funk, please let me know!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides

This book is one of the books that gets written about endlessly on book blogs. I feel like every blog I have read for the past couple years has had a review of it. So how could I possibly resist when I found a copy on the Library Sale shelves? 50 cents and many months later, I can now add my review to the mix.

I enjoyed this book but I have to say I preferred the parts of the book that focused on Cal. I did appreciate the historical and ancestral context of Cal's life, but still would have preferred less of that and more of hearing about Cal. The story was engrossing and well told and I'd definitely check out the author's other books. I see why this book was so talked about. Recommended.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Consequence of Skating - Steven Gillis

I liked this book, yet another last days of Borders sale book. I didn't love everything the main character did, but that's what made him interesting, and I enjoyed the first-person narration and the mix of characters. Recommended.

Astute blog readers (assuming anyone actually read this blog at all, other than me rereading my posts obsessively :) ) may have noticed that I have not been around for a while - I am going to rectify that!