Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Nat M. Wills!

Today is the 138th anniversary of the birth of this month's reading theme topic, Nat M. Wills. He was born on this day back in 1873 in Fredericksburg, Virginia but spent much of his childhood in Washington, D.C. where he first took to the stage. Strangely, there is no record of his birth in Virginia, but records back then weren't as centralized and streamlined as they are now, and he gave Fredericksburg as his birthplace in official documents and interviews, so who knows.

You might be wondering, why do I care so much about Mr. Wills? Honestly, I don't exactly know. I think it was partially because when I first discovered his songs and enjoyed them, then went looking for information about him, I was surprised and saddened that he was all but forgotten. It doesn't hurt that it's actually kind of difficult to find information on him, making it fun to do research to solve the puzzle(s). And it's kind of amusing to think that I can probably safely say I am his biggest fan these days, ha ha.

I am still reading to my theme this month with lots more books to come, so back to the Wills-related reading!

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