Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Reading Challenges

In the interest of clearing the maximum number of books from my enormous TBR pile this year, I decided to concentrate on a couple of challenges instead of having to resort to hitting the library or otherwise taking in even more books (perish the thought!). So here they are:

TBR Pile Challenge. Once again hosted by Adam at Roof Beam Reader, this challenge has been really good for motivating me to actually read some of the books I've accumulated over the years but never opened. I've completed it both times so far (2011 and 2012) and look forward to participating again this year, and most importantly, getting those poor dusty books read!!

Color-Coded Reading Challenge. Bev at My Reader's Block is hosting this another year, with slightly modified requirements I'm looking forward to using to my advantage. I happen to have a couple I can use on my pile, and I think there will be more that now qualify. If not, I will hit the library MUCH later in the year, when I've made more progress on my TBR books.

Planet Earth Challenge. This is the challenge I belatedly came up with last year, in which I try to read a book set in each country on Planet Earth. Rather than set a time limit and therefore add pressure to my reading, this challenge will be ongoing, and will simply involve trying to use the books I have on hand to fulfill as many countries as I can. If I ever clear the TBR pile, I will probably try to locate books set in countries I haven't found books for, but that's a long way in the future :-).

So that's it for formal challenges! Very manageable I think. Which challenges are you doing for 2013?

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