Thursday, February 28, 2013

February - This Month in Reading

February 2013 had to be one of my worst months for reading yet. I only managed two books, and neither was for a challenge. If there is anyone actually reading this, you may have noticed that although this entry is dated February 28, I didn't actually publish it until April. To tell you the truth, my reading went so far off the rails at the end of February that I haven't read a single book (although I started more than one) since Middlesex. I think I'm somewhat back on track now so keep your fingers crossed for me! I can honestly say that I never thought I'd have so many of the same books taking up space on my shelves a year and half after the Borders closing sale spree, since I read relatively quickly when I do read - I just haven't read in the volume I expected this past year. Lately I haven't felt motivated in any aspect of my life, for some reason I can't pin down. I'm hoping that maybe the change of season will shake things up in a good way.

Virtual kicks in the pants welcomed, so if you have any tips for breaking out of a funk, please let me know!

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