Sunday, August 31, 2014

Frontier Incursion - Leonie Rogers

Hague Publishing has done it again. This company seems to specialize in books that were written in such a way as to be firmly on my wavelength. As a cat lover (I have 2 here at home and I love them dearly, even when they seem to be deliberately preventing me from doing things like typing this post) I was hooked by the beautiful cover, depicting a "starcat" (a fascinating creature from the world of the book). Leonie Rogers is a wonderful writer, she has created a fully realized setting and story that totally captured my imagination. She has a gift for vivid description that made her inventive creations easy to visualize as I read. I really took to the main character, and very much empathized with her throughout the book.

This is yet another book I would have loved if it had been around when I was reading fantasy books as a kid - but that I can still enjoy very much as an adult who had written off fantasy books. Apparently I wasn't reading good fantasy books - and I'm very happy that I am doing so now. The only criticism I have for this book is that it ends - and this is not a big problem, as the sequel is nigh - hooray! Recommended.

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