Thursday, April 30, 2015

April - This Month in Reading

April was another slow reading month, although I did make a significant dent in my NetGalley queue.  I read 4 books and 1 short story - not nearly enough to keep up with all my challenges. I need to make some changes to my daily schedule to allow for more reading.

In thinking about the state of my reading (or lack thereof), I made a tough decision. As much as I love NetGalley (and I do - way too much!), once I clear the remaining two books from that site, I am going to take a break from browsing it in search of new books to read. For some reason I have been reading less than usual, so I have been requesting interesting looking books and then letting them sit until I only have a few days left before they expire, and then I have to scramble to get them read and reviewed - and this is stupid. It's also stupid that I have an enormous TBR pile of physical books that I am ignoring in favor of NetGalley books. So for the next couple months I will not be using NetGalley, so I can concentrate on physical TBR books. If I happen to get a review request, I will happily honor it, but I will not request books.

So with all that said, my reading plan for May involves focusing on physical books and some of the challenges that will allow me to clear books from the TBR pile. I am not going to set a number, but I hope to be able to use TBR pile books for most, if not all, of my challenges this month.

One other note - I have not seen any notification of the Language Freak Summer Challenge this year as of yet. Ekaterina usually posts the sign up in April, but there is nothing on her blog. I hope all is well with her! I had planned to read some foreign language books this year, assuming I'd do it in conjunction with this challenge, so I still plan to read those books. If the challenge gets posted I'll happily join as soon as I know about it (so if you see anything, please let me know!). I have a reading theme planned for the month of June that involves some of these books - but first I have to make May a month of real reading progress!

Anybody else having a sluggish Spring?

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