Thursday, July 9, 2015

Inside Anne Frank's House: An Illustrated Journey Through Anne's World

This large-format coffee-table type book briefly takes the reader through Anne's background and the time before her family went into hiding, and then provides a wealth of information and photographs of the hiding place itself, as well as photos of the people who hid in the Achterhuis/Secret Annexe. It also provides information and photos pertaining to what happened to the Franks, van Pelses (van Daans), and Dr. Pfeffer (Dr. Dussel) after the arrest, and their ultimate fates. It also has lots of photos of Anne's actual diary and of some of her other writings, such as the stories she also wrote, and gives information about how the diary came to be published, etc.

I can't remember how I came to own this book, and it's strange that I don't remember ever sitting down to actually read through the text and really peruse the photos before now. It's a beautiful accompaniment to reading the diary, and would add a lot of detail for anyone who has an interest in Anne or even the Holocaust generally. Highly recommended.

One note: I wasn't able to discover a specific author's name for this book, but the introduction was written by the Executive Director of the Anne Frank House, Hans Westra, and I believe this book was put together by people working for the House, if not for the Anne Frank Foundation.

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