Saturday, December 3, 2011

Alexander the Great - John Gunther

I found this book at the ongoing library sale at "the other library" I go to, but it was $1 and I talked myself out of buying it, even though 1) it was a vintage children's book; 2) it had really cool color illustrations on the inside front and back covers; 3) it had cool 2-color illustrations on the inside too; 4) it was in great shape and almost seemed new; and 5) I have a serious weakness for vintage children's books. Of course, the joke was on me, as I couldn't stop thinking about the book. I had to return to this library to return books a week later, and I told myself if the book was still there I'd take it home guilt-free. I had to search for it, and in fact I thought it was gone at first, but then I found it and snatched it up. Hooray!

I read this book as it was a perfect fit for the Forgotten Treasures Challenge. It was an interesting, well written read, and because it was originally published in 1953, it made me want to read modern accounts for more updated information about Alexander the Great.

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