Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Awakening - Kate Chopin

Another book I read many years ago, in this case either high school or college, and found at Borders' Last Days sale and eagerly took the opportunity to reread at my leisure. The story was every bit as good and satisfying as I remembered, and in fact I suspect I got a lot more our of it now, as an adult with more life experience, than I probably did the first time I read it. I liked that nothing was cut and dried and events unfolded in what I felt was a very realistic manner. The copy of the book I purchased included some short stories which were very well done and enjoyable as well, and in fact many seemed to cover the same themes. I would love to discuss these stories at a college level or in a good book group - or with a fellow reader in the comments here even! :-) Highly recommended.

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