Sunday, September 30, 2012

September - This Month In Reading

September was a dismal month for reading in terms of volume, although I did manage to read the four books I intended to read at the end of August, one for each reading challenge even, and a spare just for good measure (ha ha). So although I wanted to read more (as usual), for once I managed to fulfill last month's reading prediction - hooray! I managed to finish the Color-Coded Reading Challenge, and I'm very close to finishing a couple others - let's recap:

1. The Color-Coded Reading Challenge - 9/9 books read - challenge completed! Hooray!
2. The Around the World Challenge - 10/12 books read, plus 2/2 alternate books read; 10th book is about halfway finished, and 11th book probably won't happen - I can't seem to find a book set in the Gambia :-(
3. The Mixing It Up Challenge - 14/16 books read; 2 other books are on hand and are crossovers for the TBR Pile Challenge so that will be good
4. The TBR Pile Challenge - 7/12 books read; 0/2 alternate books; with only 3 months left in 2012 I will have to step up my reading for this challenge! I am on track to finish Moby-Dick at the end of 2012 by reading it one chapter at a time, so that leaves 4 books to be read over the next 3 months, and at least 2 of them are large-ish.

All in all, I'm pleased with this overall progress.

So for October, possibly my favorite month of the year, my goal is to read at least 4 books, preferably one for each remaining challenge, or at least 2 TBR books and the last 2 Mixing It Up books so I can finish these challenges on time. In the meantime, I will keep searching for a book set in the Gambia because I don't like to leave that one book unread. I already know that the first week of October will be crazy at work, which means fewer reading minutes, but I hope I can use the rest of the month to make up for this and read, read, read!

How was your reading this month?

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