Friday, November 30, 2012

November - This Month in Reading

Just when I think I can't read any *less* in a month, here is November 2012! First, let's just get this out of the way: I can't believe it will be December 1 tomorrow. It really seems like just yesterday that I was writing a blog entry about 2011's overall reading on December 31. So this month was not good for me in terms of reading - work has been insane with no end in sight until January (no, I do not work in Santa's workshop, ha ha). Life conspired to keep me from reading.

On the plus side, I met last month's goal, which was to read the last Mixing It Up Challenge book, and at least 1 TBR Pile Challenge book. I thereby officially finished the Mixing It Up Challenge - hooray! That was a fun challenge that I would like to do again. I also managed a book for the TBR Pile Challenge, leaving me with 2 books - 1 that is in progress and the other that is in progress as a chapter-a-day read, so both are on their way to completion. This is my last challenge for the year, so I am on track to complete all 4 of this year's challenges before the end of the year. So that is good news!

So for next month, knowing that reading time is going to be scarce :(, I would like to finish the TBR Pile Challenge books. I'd love to manage a TBR Pile Challenge alternate book as well, but frankly at this point I'll settle for just finishing the challenge!

How was your reading this month? Are you ready for December?? :-)

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