Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June - This Month in Reading

With only 4 books completed in June, I had a slower reading month than I might have liked; however, this doesn't account for the fact that I'm reading a bunch of other books, including 2 in foreign (to me) languages, which is slower going than reading in English for me. I had originally planned to have my reading theme for June only, but I obviously overestimated my ability to read as much as I might have liked in a single month, so I am going to extend my theme to the entire summer (i.e., through the end of August). As you all know, I hate summer, so this will be something pleasant to focus on while I eagerly await the beginning of Fall (i.e., Sept. 1 as far as I am concerned).

For next month, I would like to have finished at least one of the foreign language books, as well as some other theme-related books.

How's your summer reading going?

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