Monday, August 31, 2015

August - This Month in Reading

Once again I didn't read as much as I might have liked, but I did manage 5 books, one of which was in a language that is not native to me (therefore taking a lot more time to read than one in English). One major disappointment is that I was unable to finish Het Achterhuis. I will have to keep working on that as an ongoing project, because I have otherwise exhausted my theme books, and I have to move on to more open reading if I hope to complete some of my challenges. Plus, tomorrow is September 1, and as I have stated repeatedly, in my mind that means AUTUMN is finally here. After a nasty summer, I am even happier than normal to see Fall arrive.

For September, I have to kick my reading into high gear. I really need to work on completing some of my challenges, and clear out a couple NetGalley books, so I have made a list of the books I need to work on and I will be reading down that list. Work is busy but I will have to find the time in each day to get some reading done. I hope to read at least 10 books, as well as the 3 NetGalley books (one of which I am SO excited to read!) in September, as that will set me up nicely for October's reading.

How is your Fall 2015 reading shaping up?

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