Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Phoenix and the Carpet - E. Nesbit

This book is the second in the series, and I had to read it in order to be able to read a book I have on my TBR pile and which is part of the Back to the Classics Challenge. This book is also a product of its time, with the attitude of "anyone who isn't white is a savage and probably a cannibal who is also totally stupid and speaks a kind of gibberish and will worship any white person they come into contact with as obviously superior blah blah blah." Luckily (?) this is just a small portion of the book. I really don't mean to rip on these books, as I enjoy the writing and the narrator's tone, and I think they are well done in general, but I guess with the heightened tension in the US in these days leading up to our election I am just hyper-aware of attitudes like the one I described above. It really isn't something that predominates, it's just that when it's there, it bothers me. But in general, as long as you can overlook those small parts of the book, the story is enjoyable.

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