Thursday, November 30, 2017

November - This Month in Reading

At the end of October, I wanted to finish my challenges. I almost met that goal; I only have a couple books to read in order to meet a couple of my goals:

Back to the Classics Challenge: 10/12 books read
Color Coded Challenge: completed!
TBR Pile Challenge: technically completed, but could read 2 bonus books
LGBTQIA Challenge: completed!
Mount TBR Challenge: 33/60 books read

Mount TBR is more complicated. I am not sure how I can cram in 27 books into December. I also have some unread ARCs I should really read, so that would be 30 books - a book a day or thereabouts. I haven't had the best year this year, either for reading or in general, and frankly, I think I am just going to let myself off the hook. I will do my best to complete the other 2 challenges  and really try to manage the ARCs but for the first time I am not going to knock myself out to complete Mount TBR. It stinks and I feel like a quitter, but oh well. It's not the end of the world either.

So for December, I'd like to read 4 books, to truly complete the TBR Pile Challenge and complete the Back to the Classics Challenge, and try to read at least a couple ARCs, since I feel really guilty about not managing that yet.

I truly hope your late 2017 reading is going much better than mine!

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