Friday, August 31, 2012

August - This Month in Reading

August was not as good of a month for reading as July was, but I still made some progress on my challenges, so I am satisfied overall, although of course I wish I could have read more. I also got very very close to reading all of the library books I had to take out to make serious headway on many of my challenges, which is a good thing. I exceeded my goal of five books and read at least one book for 3 out of my 4 challenges, but did not make my goal of reading at least one (and possibly two) for the TBR Pile Challenge.

All in all, here's how my challenges stand as of today:

1. The Color-Coded Reading Challenge - 8/9 books read; 9th book is about halfway done
2. The Around the World Challenge - 9/12 books read, plus 2/2 alternate books read; 10th book is about halfway finished, and 11th book is here from the library and needs to be read
3. The Mixing It Up Challenge - 13/16 books read; 3 other books are on hand and 2 of them are crossovers for the TBR Pile Challenge so that will be good
4. The TBR Pile Challenge - 6/12 books read; 0/2 alternate books; I need to get going on this one!

One exciting thing I did this month was to start reading Moby-Dick one chapter at a time. That method worked great for me for reading War and Peace last year, so I decided to apply it to this TBR Pile book  and I think it's going to work really well.

For September my goal will be to read a total of four books - one for each challenge, no exceptions. I'd really like to complete as many of these challenges as I can in September and then get really serious about the TBR Pile Challenge. My non-reading goal is to celebrate the official coming of my favorite season, Fall (Autumn), which in my mind starts on September 1. Summer is my least favorite season so I am always happy to bid it au revoir. I'd rather bid it adieu but, alas, I know it will be back next year. :)

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