Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Three Lives of Tomomi Ishikawa - Benjamin Constable

I couldn't resist the intriguing premise of this book when I saw a recent NetGalley email, so I broke my own vow to only read books on my enormous to-be-read pile and requested it. I'm glad I did, I enjoyed it. I love puzzles so that aspect of the book really appealed to me. All in all, however, I really think this book is almost more of a character study than anything else, if that makes sense. I am left with lingering questions about the narrator and the nature of the narration, making me question the reality of some of the events of the book. So as to avoid spoilers, I can't elaborate, but when you read it you'll understand what I mean. It was almost like a journey through a writer's mind that also happens to be part of a mysterious story. I'd recommend this book.

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