Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Practical Demonkeeping - Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore is an author I've been meaning to read for a while now, but longtime readers will know that I'm a weirdo about having to read an author's books in the order in which s/he's written them, if the books are a series, and I heard that his books have a lot of the same characters, etc., so I figured that was close to a series, so I should read them in order. (Ugh, that's a terrible run-on sentence, sorry!) I haven't been using the library but I had to read a couple books for a class I'm taking so I had to break my own library ban, so I figured, why not get started with his books while I'm at it. I'll be honest, the first couple chapters weren't grabbing me, and I was tempted to give up. I can't stand abandoning books  if I can't help it, so I stuck with it, and in the end I enjoyed the book. It was a fast read with some funny moments that I found enjoyable. I have to get on with reading some other things or I'd get the next one; that will have to wait for a bit as I chip away at my assignments and also my neverending TBR pile, but  I look forward to reading more by Moore.

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