Friday, May 29, 2015

44 Scotland Street - Alexander McCall Smith

Picked up several of the books in this series on the Library Sale shelves over the past couple years, and I was in the mood for something light and enjoyable to read, so I picked up the first book. Evidently this book is really like Tales of the City for straight Edinburghians (Edinburgers?) - it was originally published in serial form in a newspaper, and evidently still is, until the overall story gets compiled in book form. I have probably read almost all of the Precious Ramotswe No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series and enjoyed it, and this book is very much in that vein - it's light and fluffy and filled with mostly kind, good natured characters making their way in the world. I say "mostly kind" because there are definitely a few characters I want to give a good shake or a smart rap on the skull - but all good stories need them, I suppose! If you are a fan of the author's other books you should enjoy this one too.

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