Sunday, May 24, 2015

Through the Language Glass - Guy Deutscher

Yet another random book find on the Library Sale shelves. I picked this book up thinking I should read it as a prelude to the Language Freak Summer Challenge, which I think might not be on this year. In any case as a language junkie the topic, summarized in the subtitle "Why the World Looks Different in Other Languages," jumped out at me. I had no idea just how little I actually knew about linguistics (to be fair to myself, I have never formally studied linguistics, just random languages). My mind was blown right away, when the author described languages that have no separate words for "green" and "blue" - speakers of such languages consider these colors to be different shades of the same color. I hadn't come across this idea before! There were many interesting revelations about the relationship between language and thought which I won't spoil here. I'd like to read the author's other book after reading this one. Interesting book for readers interested in linguistics and foreign languages.


  1. thanks, sounds the type of books I would enjoy

  2. Salut Emma ! C'était très intéressante. I recommend it to you!