Sunday, May 31, 2015

May - This Month in Reading

An unfortunate illness in May had the silver lining of giving me more time to read books this month, so overall I managed to read 13 books, which was a good solid number and much better than April's total of 4.25. Another benefit was that with 2 exceptions, the books I read were physical books from my pile - so that was another win. I even read some challenge books, so I got some momentum going for that. And I cleared the last 2 NetGalley books and managed to avoid requesting any new books, so that is a positive thing too. I think I can definitely summit Mount TBR this year!

For June, I have a special reading theme planned, and some books that have been set aside for this theme. I may read some additional, non-theme books, but it will depend on how much time I end up having, since a couple of the planned books are not in English, so they will take a lot longer to read than if they were in English. So my plan is to read the 8 books I have set aside for this theme in June, and more if I have the opportunity. For July I will be back to reading off the TBR pile with no theme in mind, just avoiding the summer heat and humidity and counting down until fall.

How is your summer reading looking? Do you have any themes or challenges planned?

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