Saturday, September 30, 2017

September - This Month in Reading

Wow, I think I might have gotten my reading mojo back! At the end of August, I said I wanted to read 4 books to match August, and in reality I read 9 - hooray! I was able to focus somewhat on my reading challenges so that was good.

Now that we are about to be in the best month of the year, I have to turn my attention to challenge reading. In fact, let's do a quick check-in:

Back to the Classics Challenge: 3/12 books read (yikes!!)
Color Coded Challenge: 4/9 books read
TBR Pile Challenge: 9/12 books read
LGBTQIA Challenge: 2/5 books read
Mount TBR Challenge: 21/60 books read

As you can see, my lack of reading earlier this year really puts me in a bind for these. I should have 45/60 books for the Mount TBR Challenge for one thing - 39 books will now have to be crammed in to my reading for the next 3 months for that challenge alone - luckily most of the books I have identified for my challenges work for that one. I think I will have to have a more organized approach to these challenges, so I will try to complete the Color Coded Challenge first, then move on to the Back to the Classics Challenge. I'm hoping I can cram all that reading (or at least most of it) into October - wish me luck!

How is your final quarter of 2017 reading shaping up?

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