Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Case of the Gilded Fly - Edmund Crispin

Yet another Library Sale shelves find, this author was entirely new to me, and I like him! This was a classic whodunnit, with multiple suspects and multiple motives for murder. The book kept me guessing and I can honestly say I had no idea of who actually dunnit until the end. I will say that although this is supposed to be a "Gervase Fen mystery" I am not sure that character was in the story as much as I would have expected from that detail being printed on the front cover, and in fact Mr. Fen is sort of an irritating detective which I suppose is often par for the course in these books. On the other hand, he's also a literary critic, so at times the book gets a little "meta" which is cool. All in all this was an enjoyable murder mystery and I would definitely read the rest of this series if I could finish off my TBR pile. Recommended.

I am going to claim this book for the "yellow" category for the Color-Coded Reading Challenge, as it not only has the word "gilded" in the title, the cover (apparently this is the UK edition) is done in shades of yellow and gold, as shown below.

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