Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Blue Place - Nicola Griffith

Apparently I was rather good in 2011, as I got a few books as Yule gifts, including this one. As you know, I inadvertently read the second book in this series first, and I felt compelled to read the others rather soon, so they leapt to the top of the TBR Mountain, as I couldn't bear to wait. This book didn't disappoint at all, I found it impossible to put down, and now I can't wait to read the next book, which happens to be perched atop "TBR peak" right now.

Y'all know I don't normally write "reviews" beyond oblique references and opinions, so as to prevent spoilers and such, but I have to say I love the main character of this series, Aud. I don't often wish I could know a fictional character in real life, but Aud is someone I wish I could know as a person. Another that comes to mind is Ida from Brighton Rock, whom I wished was my slightly older sister; someone protective but not smothering, who would be fun to hang out with but take you seriously when you wanted/needed that. I think Aud is like that too - I feel like she'd help me be more of a grownup, more mature, wise, aware, practical; she wouldn't put up with my nonsense too much but would let me get away with it because she's not judgmental. Then again she'd probably never want to be friends with someone like me in the first place - but that's another type of blog, ha ha. Sufficient to say that I am a big fan of her as a character and of the series and now I think I'll go see what happens next. Highly recommended.

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