Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Than a Hiding Place - Emily S. Smith

This is a nonfiction book about Corrie ten Boom, whom I mentioned in a book review from 2011. I was lucky enough to visit Corrie's home, also called "the Hiding Place," in Haarlem in November 2011, and it was amazing to actually be in the home I'd had read so much about. Our guide even allowed us to step in to the actual hiding place, a very small and narrow place that was never breached by the Nazis it was meant to impede. This book is loaded with actual photographs of the ten Boom family which were wonderful to see, as I'd never seen them before. I purchased it at the house in November, and only wish it had been written sooner so I could have seen the photos, some of which are of the people who successfully hid from the Nazis in the house during the time they hid there.

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