Sunday, July 8, 2012

Culture and Customs of the Central African Republic - Jacqueline Woodfork

When I thought up the Around the World Challenge for myself, I didn't think it would be that hard to find a book set in every country on Earth. I pictured myself reading a lot of novels, with most (I hoped) written by authors from the countries I chose at random. Well, that is not how things have happened - it's a LOT harder to find books set in smaller countries than I would have thought!

Which brings me to this book. I was lucky enough to get this book through the library, and although initially I was hoping for a novel, this book turned out to be interesting. I enjoyed learning about a country I previously knew nothing about (except that it was in Africa). Apparently it is part of a series of similar books, but unfortunately none of the other books in the series are about any of the other countries on my list. Although I did enjoy this book, I have to say I was surprised that the main city in the CAR, Bangui, which is mentioned a lot throughout the book, is not pictured on the map of the CAR that is included in the book - ? I had to look it up on Google Maps to see where it is located. Also, I would have liked to know a little about the author - is she from the CAR? Has she lived there? Studied the country extensively? The book doesn't say. Overall though I am glad to make some progress with my challenge and to learn about a country that is not much talked about it seems.

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