Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July - This Month in Reading

I finally picked up the pace in July, and managed a whopping 13 books, more than any other month so far in 2012. At the beginning of the month, I decided that since I needed to go to the library, I may as well read as many books as possible for my reading challenges this year, and I managed to read multiple books for the Around the World Challenge, so that was good. I also managed to read a book for the Color-Coded Reading Challenge, and a couple for the Mixing It Up Challenge. I failed to read one of my TBR books, but at least I got more caught up on my other challenges.

I also corrected my error and started the Planet Earth Challenge, which should be fun.

For August, I would like to again concentrate on reading specifically for my challenges with the goal of finishing as many of the challenges as possible by the end of August, so that I can once again stop going to the library and concentrate on reducing my massive TBR pile. I will set the official goal at five books , however, one for each challenge plus an extra from the TBR Challenge.

How was your reading this month?

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