Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Man in the Iron Mask - Alexandre Dumas

Well, I am an idiot. I found this book on my beloved Library Sale shelves for 50 cents, and after seeing that it was "complete and unabridged" I grabbed it since it's a classic. Little did I know that this book is actually part of a much longer book, making it technically part of a series. Had I known that before I just jumped in and started reading, I would have of course felt compelled to read the previous books first, but by the time I figured all of this out, it was kind of too late so I decided to just let it go and read this book out of order.

I enjoyed this book for what it was - it had a lot of intrigue and plots and some good action sequences. I will say that having seen at least one movie version of this book, the book is rather different, so movie fans shouldn't expect a retelling of any of the relatively recent filmed versions. I'm sure if I had read the longer book this one would have made more sense in the larger context of the overall story, so maybe I'll pick up the previous books at some future date.

This is the first book for the Back to the Classics Challenge, and also counts for the Books on France Reading Challenge (it was originally written in French and is set in France in the time of Louis XIV) so I'm off to a good start with challenge reading so far in 2014!


  1. That would def count as a classic. I haven't read it though. I would be tempted by The Count of Monte Cristo.

  2. Hi Peggy! I am definitely tempted by The Count of Monte Cristo, and I keep hoping to come across it for 50 cents so I can read it at my leisure. If you decide to give it a go please let me know what you think!