Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Reflections of Queen Snow White - David Meredith

The other day I was contacted by this author, who offered me a copy of this book in exchange for a review. Exciting! That's only the second time an author has asked me to read and review a book, so I jumped at the chance.

This was a very fast read for me. I was able to very much empathize with Snow White's feelings about her husband, as I could easily imagine myself in her place and how devastated I would be if I lost Mr. K (even if he's not royalty, ha ha). So that part of the book was close to my heart. I enjoyed the author's deepening of parts of the Snow White story that are rather familiar to us as readers. One small critique I do have is that in places I found the dialogue to be a little too much like everyday speech, which took me out of the fairy-tale atmosphere from time to time. This may be because nowadays it seems like all fantasy-type movies/shows have the characters speaking in British-type accents using very formal speech patterns (HBO's Game of Thrones, I adore you, but I'm thinking of you here) and so I expect that to be the case with anything that seems to be in that genre, so it might just be my hangup. If you're an adult fan of fairy tales with a twist you will probably enjoy this book quite a bit.

I know I recently said that I wouldn't be reading any books for the Color-Coded Reading Challenge for a while, but this book also happened to work for that challenge, so I let it leapfrog over a couple other books I have in progress. I hope to have a couple more challenge-related reviews before the end of the month.

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