Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Reading Challenges

As usual, I'm making a post that lists all of the reading challenges I'm participating in this year, for the sake of organization. The links in this post are links to my individual blog posts with my challenge details. The individual posts have links to the blogs that are hosting the challenges, etc., in case you'd like to pay them a visit and sign up!

The TBR Pile Challenge. This will be the fourth year in a row that I've entered this challenge. I love it! I have managed to complete the challenge in all three previous years, so it's helped me reduce the crazy TBR pile 12 books per year at a time. There are some books on this year's list that I have been wanting to read for a while now so knowing they will be read sooner rather than later is a good thing.

Harlem Renaissance Reading Challenge. This is a new challenge that I haven't previously participated in, but I couldn't resist. I will have to go to the library or bookstore for this one, so I probably won't be posting any books for this one until this summer, but that's just making me look forward to June (which is NOT how I usually feel about the horrible hot months, so that's a very positive thing!).

Color-Coded Reading Challenge. Another challenge I've been participating in for several years now, and loving each time.  Through this challenge I've come across many books that I might not otherwise have ever read, and I love expanding my reading that way! This is another challenge that I am going to temporarily put on hold while I chip away at the TBR pile-related challenges, but I will be seeking out fun books for this one later in the year. I may even tackle Gravity's Rainbow - yowza!

Books on France Reading Challenge. What can I say, I love France. I love Paris. I love speaking French (I do it poorly, but I try). I love French food, wine, bread, coffee, pastries, chocolate, etc. etc., and of course I love reading about France too! I have been trying to finish reading a book in French for a couple years now (that sounds so stupid, sorry) so I am hoping that I can read at least that one for this challenge, but most of the books will most likely be read in translation. Maybe I'll get in a supply of wine, bread, and chocolate as an accompaniment to my reading! ;)

Back to the Classics Challenge. One of my reading goals has been to read more of the classic books I feel like I should have read already but just haven't managed, and this challenge is going to be a fun way to make that happen. I was able to find all the necessary books right on my TBR pile, so that makes it a double win too.

The Planet Earth Challenge. This is my own ongoing personal challenge, to read a book set in each country on our planet. I add books as I read them from my pile (or wherever they come from!).

So there you have it. I did initially limit myself to signing up for challenges that only involved books I have here on the pile, but I caved because how could I not do the Color-Coded reading challenge this year? And if I have to hit the library anyhow, what harm can it do to participate in one other library-related challenge? All in all I think this is manageable and I'm looking forward to using these challenges to reduce the TBR pile as well as expand my reading.

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