Friday, February 28, 2014

Book Blogger Hop

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog!

This week's question:

Have you stopped accepting books from either authors or publishers to try to catch up? If not, do you think you would ever do that?

My response:

This hasn't actually happened to me yet! Since I started this blog (in 2011, obviously) I've only been contacted by authors to review books twice, and I can't say I have ever been contacted specifically by publishers to request reviews. Both times I was contacted by authors I happily accepted - that was very exciting for me. 

If this did become an issue, I would definitely stop accepting books. As it is now, my physical TBR pile can cause me a lot of guilt if I look at it too much, but no one is specifically waiting for any of the reviews. If I had a box of books or a queue of ebooks that an author and/or a publisher had sent me, and I knew they were waiting for my reviews to be published, I'd feel awful if I wasn't able to review them promptly.

I would probably also stop accepting books if I were getting a lot of books in genres I am not overly interested in, so that other people who might have more of an interest would have a better chance of being able to review them. I realize I'm not the target market for many genres, and I would rather read books I have an interest in than give a stilted review of a book I wouldn't normally read on my own. 

Have you had to stop accepting books for review?


  1. My answer straight away is totally NO. Now if I was reviewing just myself I might have to think otherwise as I am quite a slow reader but luckily hubbie reads and reviews to and he can finish a book in one night if its that good. I won't review books that do not interest me.

  2. I have had to reject book requests, partially also because I get requests for books I simply really don't want to read! Thanks for stopping by :) Hope you have a great weekend!
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  3. I sometimes don't guess correcty but I am pretty good at accepting books that I actually like. There have been a few where I was blind sided--but honestly if I think I will like a book I just can't say no--thankfully I'm a quick reader and semi retired!

  4. I think we're in a similar situation, I don't have a lot of review requests either, but I do enjoy the ones I receive - especially when they are from my fave authors :) Thanks for hopping earlier, enjoy your weekend.

  5. GREAT answer...thanks for sharing.

    I have cut back but will NEVER stop. :)

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer

  6. I would never stop excepting books completely but I have had to decline a few due to time.
    Here's my full answer

  7. I don't think I could stop accepting any books, but I have cut way back.