Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Scone Island - Frederick Ramsay

Somehow I managed to miss this Ike Schwartz mystery when it was released in 2012 - I thought I was checking for new releases regularly, but apparently not. Luckily I figured it all out and now I'm only one book behind (I think a new one was released last week). Longtime readers know that I have a deep affection for Ike Schwartz since I first stumbled on him in a serendipitous library catalog coincidence back in 2011. This book didn't sway my affection at all; I'm still a big fan and I'm still eager to see what happens next to Ike and the whole Picketsville crew. Each book is different enough that it's not like reading the same story over and over in a repeated formula; this book had elements of a murder mystery, a spy novel, and generally thriller-like moments for good measure, with a healthy dose of a classic bickering couple. Ike is a great character and I enjoy the supporting cast. I'm looking forward to reading the next book too, although it might have to wait until I clear a few more books from the pile.

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