Sunday, February 9, 2014

Stray - Monica Hesse

You know how a lot of book blogs talk about all the books showing up in their mailboxes on a regular basis? I haven't had that "problem," since for the past couple years my main source of books has been the Library Sale shelves and the remains of my crazy Borders last days haul, which make up the bulk of my physical TBR pile. As I have so many books on hand, I rarely order books online outside of Yuletide gift giving, and therefore rarely receive books by mail.

This changed at the end of 2013, when Monica Hesse, who writes for the Washington Post and also hosts fun weekly live chats each Thursday afternoon on the Post website, had a giveaway contest for copies of her first book, and I won a copy! Very exciting!! It was doubly exciting because this book is (inexplicably) published only in the UK right now, so I can't just nip out to the shops* and pick up a copy. So it was really fun to have this book show up in my mailbox.

I really enjoyed Stray. I started it late yesterday afternoon and would have finished it in one sitting if life hadn't intervened, as it kept me turning pages. Some of the philosophical questions raised are things I have often thought about, both for reasons having to do with my own life/childhood circumstances and more general sociological musings. The characters' motivations weren't always completely clear, which was a good thing; it seemed like everyone had complicated reasons for their actions. One character scared me in an existential way. The sequel, Burn, was released in the UK this week, and I just ordered it on - can't wait to see what happens next!

Whether or not you've read the book yet, check out the publisher's website, where you can read more about the book and create your own Path name - mine's Adhc.

*Please imagine this being said in a crummy fake British accent for maximum entertainment purposes

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