Friday, July 25, 2014

Isis, Vampires and Ghosts - Oh My! - Janis Hill

Another winning fantasy/paranormal book from Hague Publishing, who were behind Lights Over Emerald Creek. This was another book I know I would have loved had I read it when I was younger. I have always admired ancient Egyptian culture, so obviously the reference to Isis in the title is catnip for me, as well as the ghosts (always a big fan as well), and the vampires (became a big fan in the Anne Rice heyday; not so much a fan of the more recent sparkly kind). The narrator was highly relatable and entertaining, and the story overall reminded me of the few Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes I've seen (I really have to make a point to see more). Another fast-paced, exciting and entertaining story for all fans of paranormal/fantasy books.

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