Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Soul's High Song - Countee Cullen

One of the reasons I love book blog challenges is that I am often forced (that sounds so negative, but I can't think of a better word) to look around for books that will fulfill the challenge criteria, and in so doing, I often discover wonderful authors who are new to me. Countee Cullen is one of these authors; someone I can't believe I haven't read before now, but that I am glad I discovered.

The real title of this book is My Soul's High Song: The Collected Writings of Countee Cullen, Voice of the Harlem Renaissance. Obviously, I chose this book after researching potential authors for the Harlem Renaissance Challenge, mainly because I wasn't familiar with Cullen at all, and wanted to see what I had been missing. Turns out I was missing quite a bit! This huge book is full of wonderful poetry, an amazing translation of The Medea, Cullen's novel One Way to Heaven, and a comprehensive introduction by Professor Gerald Early. It was a fantastic introduction to a gifted writer, and I will definitely seek out more. Highly recommended.

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