Friday, July 11, 2014

Not Without Laughter - Langston Hughes

I have been a fan of Langston Hughes' poetry for years, but hadn't read his prose until now. Wow! I am blown away. I loved this book, which was Hughes' first novel. This is a classic that I can't believe isn't better known (or maybe it is, and I run in the wrong circles, ha ha). When I got to the last page I immediately wished for more, and I was sad the book had ended.

It's sad that so many of the themes Hughes is apparently addressing are still with us today. There is both sadness and happiness in equal measures in this book, which made it feel very balanced even when unpleasant or sad events occur. I will definitely be prioritizing more Hughes novels as soon as I get my crazy TBR pile under better control. Highly recommended.


  1. Hi Anja, thanks for participating in the challenge. I'm glad you really like Langston Hughes. He's one of my favorities. I know you are on Twitter. You may want to follow @langston_poems They send out wonderful snippets of his poems

  2. Oh thanks for this recommendation Deseree, that's great! I will definitely follow them. I'm planning to read more Hughes novels for this year's challenge and I'm really looking forward to it.