Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September - This Month in Reading

Well, I have had a fantastic September. I have had a ball finding acorns everywhere, making plans to hit the pumpkin patch, enjoying pumpkin spice lattes, and wishing the local trees would get just a BIT more colorful. (Seriously, trees, get it in gear - it's almost October!) I even managed to read this month!

In August, I set a September goal of 6 books, which included some I had committed to reviewing and a couple challenge books. My plan was to wrap up some challenges this month if at all possible. On the plus side: I read 10 books total, including 2 challenge books, and in so doing I finished the fun Back to the Classics Challenge - hooray!

Speaking of, since 2014 is now 9/12 over, let's do a quick challenge recap just for fun:

Active challenges:
TBR Pile Challenge: 9/12 regular and 1/2 alternates read
Color-Coded Reading Challenge: 8/9 read
Planet Earth Challenge: 27/257 - this has no real deadline, but evidently I need to work on it
Mount TBR Challenge: 27/60 books - or 2653 km / 8703 ft up Mt. Kilimanjaro so far - still quite a bit left to climb!

Completed challenges:
Harlem Renaissance Challenge
Back to the Classics Challenge
Language Freak Summer Challenge
Books on France 2014 Reading Challenge

Not too shabby.

For October, I would like to read another 6 (or more of course) books. I have a couple more reviewing commitments to read, and I'd like to finish off at least 1 more challenge while I continue to revel in all things fall.

How is your autumn/fall?

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