Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Last Temptation - Neil Gaiman, Alice Cooper, Michael Zulli

This book is a collaboration between one of the best known names in fantasy fiction, Neil Gaiman, and one of the best known names in rock, Alice Cooper. Throw in some highly talented artists and other comic/graphic novel talent, and you have a perfect Fall book to set the mood for the Halloween season.

This edition of this graphic novel (or is this actually a comic?) is the "20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition" and it's certainly that - it's chock full of extra material including correspondence from Neil Gaiman, early scripts and art, etc. This provides an interesting look at a collaborative process - I wish more books had this kind of background information available.

I can see how this would have scared its target audience when it first came out, and it's no less scary now. The art and the story seemed true to the persona of Alice Cooper. I know this book is based on Cooper's record of the same name; I'm sure the record would make a good soundtrack for reading. This is a great addition to a graphic novel/comic collection.

One note: I had the same problem with this book that I had with Displaced Persons - namely, the lettering was blurry. Once again I solved the problem by enlarging the pages as much as I could, but it was still less than optimal. I'm not sure if the issue is that I'm reading on Adobe Digital Editions and not an actual Kindle, but it was mildly annoying and made me wonder if I were missing out on crispness and clarity in the artwork as well as the lettering.

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