Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dear Committee Members - Julie Schumacher

Dear Readers,

I have the distinct pleasure of recommending to one and all this uproarious, yet touching, novel. It is sure to cause much mirth and amusement among its (deservedly large, I fervently hope) reading audience. I myself am still laughing audibly when I recall various witty turns of phrase. As a fellow devotee of literature, languages, and all things now all too often considered superfluous in the face of the single-minded pursuit of filthy lucre, I daresay I was able to see aspects of myself in the plight of our intrepid narrator. In the modern vernacular, I felt his pain, and I must say I very much share his opinion of economics and business.

Despite the effusive praise for this novel's comedic elements, which are ample and entertaining, do not be deceived: there is much depth to this book as well. The reader will empathize with many of the narrator's sentiments, and the humor deftly conceals poignance. In this way, much reward awaits the careful reader.

I hereby urge you to obtain a copy of this book at your soonest convenience and assure you that it will make a splendid addition to any bookshelf.

Best regards,

Anja K, Book Reviewer
Reading 2011 (and Beyond)

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