Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Meaning of Night - Michael Cox

Readers, I loved this book. All 700 pages of it.

This is yet another of the many (way too many, actually) books I got at Borders' Last Days sales. I was immediately taken by the cover, and was able to get the other book by Cox too, for a pittance. And then both books sat on my TBR pile until I finally added this one to my 2014 TBR Pile Challenge list (have I recently mentioned how much I love this challenge?). And now it has finally interfered with me getting a good night's sleep, as I couldn't put it down at a reasonable hour.

I found it to be instantly engrossing and I felt compelled to read it. I was taken in with the narrator right away; for some reason I desperately wanted to understand him and be on his side, even though I suspected he was actually something of an unreliable narrator. Another book I can't believe I didn't read sooner, but that I'm glad I got to read now. Luckily, I have the sequel, so I can remain immersed in the world of this book a little longer. Recommended.

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