Friday, October 31, 2014

October - This Month in Reading

October might be my favorite month of any year, being deep into Fall and containing Halloween, which I love. This October turned out to be a decent reading month too, as a fun Fall bonus.

Things that went well:

In September,  I wrote that I wanted to read 6 (or more) books, including finishing off some reviewing commitments and at least 1 more challenge. I actually read 13.5 books (the .5 is a children's book that was mainly pictures, so it took about 5 minutes to read, so I am not counting it as a full "book" even though I thought it was great :) ). I read all of my reviewing commitments so I cleared that slate. I even technically finished the TBR Pile Challenge by reading 3 books I had on that list; right now I have read 11/12 of the official list books and 2/2 alternates. However, I would very much like to read all of the books this year, so I am still calling this challenge open for now.

Things that could have been better:

Confession time again! I kind of went nuts on NetGalley in October, and I now have a bunch of books in the queue that have to be read and reviewed - which will take time away from chipping away at my physical TBR Pile and etc. Sigh. What on earth is wrong with me??!! I am seriously an incurable bookworm or something. I just can't resist interesting books, and particularly if they are free.

So for November, I would like to read about 12 books. I have a list I have made up that I will be trying my best to follow to keep on track. If I manage, I will clear up the NetGalley binge as well as close out 2 challenges (and chip away at the final challenge that has a 31 Dec. 2014 deadline). Wish me luck!

How has your Fall reading been?

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