Thursday, January 5, 2017

TBR Pile Challenge 2017

Once again, I am just going to do my own TBR Pile Challenge this year, which will work in conjunction with the Mount TBR Challenge. Here are the 12 books (and 2 bonus books) that I plan to read this year, in no particular order:

1. Main Street - Sinclair Lewis

2. The Beautiful Things that Heaven Bears - Dinaw Mengestu

3. Sula - Toni Morrison

4. Les Précieuses Ridicules - Moilère. This is a vintage copy (there's a name and the year 1912 written on the inside cover) of this play in French, and I need all the practice I can get, so now's the time.

5. The Given Day - Dennis Lehane

6. The Oracle of Stamboul - Michael David Lukas

7. Out - Natsuo Kirino

8. Devil in a Blue Dress - Walter Mosley

9. Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee - Dee Brown

10. The Blue Sky - Galsan Tschinag

11. Black Boy - Richard Wright

12. Gypsy: A Memoir - Gypsy Rose Lee

Bonus books:

1. Fatherland - Robert Harris. This book has been on my pile for ages and ages. It's an alternative history style mystery set in a world where the Nazis won World War II, and it was made into a HBO movie ages and ages ago, starring Rutger Hauer, who I think is dreamy. It's time to clear out this book!

2. Teach Us To Outgrow Our Madness - Kenzaburo Oe


  1. After you read #9, you HAVE to go there. You can stay in a small bed and breakfast nearby (you can even sleep in a teepee in their backyard), and they can connect with a wonderful guide. We spent a who;e day with him, it was so fascinating.

  2. Hi Emma, thanks, that makes me feel better about reading this book! I really want to but at the same time it scares me. It would be good to visit these places, I will definitely keep that in mind when I read!