Sunday, February 7, 2016

Nemesis - Jo Nesbø

Each book in this series is better than the last one. I couldn't put this book down, to be honest, and when it ended I was super irked that I couldn't just pick up the next one so I could keep reading. I liked the story in this book, and how it was very intricately plotted. A recurring character that I used to dislike became a character I despise, and I cannot wait for this horrible creature to get its just desserts. Harry Hole is kind of predictable in some ways, but he's not unlikable. All in all this is an abosorbing series and I recommend it for all fans of crime novels/mysteries.

Side note: of course the entire time I was reading this book I had the Shriekback song by the same name playing in my head. Who can dislike a song that uses the word "parthenogenesis" as a song lyric? I do wish the song was a bit more sinister in sound, though. Maybe if I ever start that Industrial band I used to daydream about back in college I'll do a nice dark cover, ha ha ha.

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