Monday, February 29, 2016

February - This Month in Reading

At the end of January, I wrote that I wanted to read at least 16 books in February. That didn't happen, but I did read 12, so I'm satisfied with that. I'm also a lot closer to being able to read some of my TBR Pile series books, which I hope to get to in March, although it might be April depending on how things go. The extra day this month helped me squeeze in a little more reading, so that was a good thing! :)

Speaking of March, I think my goal will be another 12 books. I have some library books that I need to finish so I can get to the aforementioned TBR Pile series books, and a couple of other library books just for fun, and then I think I will take a break from the library so I can turn my attention to reading my on-hand TBR/challenge books. Also, things are getting busier in general, which always means my potential reading time takes a hit. Aside from being a little busier in my regular job, my volunteer job has started back up (I love it but it does take a little reading time away), I have a couple classes I am taking this spring, and some other activities are already on the schedule. So I'd be happy if I could position myself for a lot of challenge reading in April and maybe even May depending on how things go.

In another note, I've had this blog long enough to have made a Feb. 29th post in 2 separate leap years (2012 and 2016). How cool is that?

How was your February reading? Did the extra day in 2016 help you squeeze in one more book?

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