Thursday, March 17, 2016

Death and the Penguin - Andrey Kurkov

Readers, I have to open this review with a confession.

Back when I first started using NetGalley, I sort of bit off more than I could chew. I requested and got accepted for a bunch of books all at once, and I just wasn't able to prioritize my reading in a way that I could read all of those books. So some of the books I requested, and was generously given access to,  I wasn't able to finish in the allotted time and so I didn't post a review. 

This is one of those books. 

I remembered the title and the other day I decided I should see if my library had this book, so I could assuage my guilt and read and review it. Surprisingly, my library did have it, and I finally finished this book. Ура!

This book is a really black comedy, and it's very.... Russian. The story is a slow downward spiral and everything feels inevitable. It seems like things happen to the main character and he has little or no agency. But I enjoyed the story and I am still thinking about the ending.

I am really embarrassed that I couldn't get my act together and read this book with NetGalley, but I hope that this review makes up for that mistake. And I can happily recommend the book. 

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