Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Snowman - Jo Nesbø

This has to be the best book in the Harry Hole series yet. My copy was almost 600 pages and they flew by, because I couldn't put the book down once I started reading. All of these books have been creepy - they're all murder mysteries/crime novels, after all, so that's only to be expected - but this one was the creepiest yet. I was seriously worried that I would have nightmares last night, since I stayed up reading until my eyes rebelled and forced my brain to put the book down and go to sleep. Luckily I must have been too tired.

Remember the mini-tantrum I had while reading the last book? Something happened in this book that almost made me pass out from apoplexy right there on the couch, but luckily it wasn't what it appeared to be. Speaking of that concept, that seems to be a real theme in this book - things are not what they appear to be. Something that seems innocuous struck me as creepy, and I'm sort of hoping it comes up in the next book and proves me right.

I should give a belated shoutout to the translator, Don Bartlett. I know that reading any work that has been translated means I am reading a blend of the original author's writing prowess and the translator's skill at making those words sing in another language, and I think Bartlett does a fabulous job of making these books so much fun to read.

All in all, I am so happy I stumbled on this particular book on the Library Sales shelves and spent the 50 cents to acquire it, so that I could discover this fantastic series. Highly recommended.

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