Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shadowfae - Erica Hayes

This is, thankfully, the last book that was mostly (90%) finished before 2011, and is now finished for good. This was a supernatural-themed book that had an interesting story that got lost in reams of "adult content." I am not a prude (well, not much of one) but the "getting busy" every other page got old quickly for me. In retrospect I guess the fact that the cover features a lingerie-clad female should have tipped me off, but I guess I'm such a nerd I overlooked that - lesson learned! I got this as a 50 cent book with its sequel at the library but I think I will invoke the "life's too short" principle and redonate them both so as to move on with the actual challenges. (I hate not reading a book I have purchased, even if it was only 50 cents, but I think the sequel will just be a slog for me and there are so many other books I'd rather read, I am willing to let one book go, even though I do feel a little guilty.) Again, as this was mostly read well before Dec. 2010 I am not counting this book for any challenges, but from now on all books will count - hooray!

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