Friday, January 7, 2011

War and Peace - 1 chapter a day for 2011

I saw that this is a challenge people are doing this year and although I avoided it at first I decided I would join in after all. Confession: I tried to read W&P years and years (and years!) ago when I was probably in high school, and although I did not finish, I don't remember how far I got. But I don't remember anything, so it's like I never read any of it. And to be frank, I read Anna Karenina for the first time last fall and it was a real slog. I enjoyed 1/2 the book and the other 1/2 surprised me by being so.... romance-novel-like. So much anguish - from male characters no less - about being in love and etc. The parts about Levin to me were transparently political and I preferred the parts about Anna. So I am not officially joining the W&P challenge just in case I cop out later, but I will be reading my chapter a day for the forseeable future and I'll try to weigh in now and again as long as I am staying with it. I'm reading it through Project Gutenberg, link:


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