Sunday, March 27, 2011

The March - E.L. Doctorow

I got Homer & Langley as a gift in 2009, as I am fascinated by hoarding and had read a little about the Collyer brothers. I enjoyed that book and was happy to find this one on the Library Sale shelves, even though it is set during the American Civil War and I usually avoid that as a topic in my reading, TV watching, etc. I found this  to be well done, and I was able to enjoy it despite the brutality of the war setting. There were some interesting characters that I wanted to know more about when the book ended. I think I need to read Ragtime soon, I'll have to get it at the library when my self-imposed ban ends on April 1.

As a side note, for the first three weeks of March I didn't miss going to the library at all, but for this past week I have been dying to get back there, so I am planning a trip on April 1 with a big tote bag to hold all the books :D

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